The MENA region's first Venture Studio for seeding and scaling EdTech ventures


The MENA EdTech Opportunity

Edtech is a clear opportunity to address major demographic shifts and educational challenges in the region, while creating new jobs and income streams.





jobs created for every 10 successful new enterprises in MENA

young people are transitioning to working-age young adults in the coming decades

users across MENA’s leading edtech platforms- the demand for EdTech is high!

the youth unemployment rate in the MENA region is the highest in the world

Meet The Team

The ReimaginED team brings a collective experience of deep sector expertise for accelerating validated ideas to bridge the education to employment gap.

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Aman Merchant

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Basem Abu Dagga

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George Vinton

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Junaid Seraj

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A thesis-driven, founder-focused studio

The ReimaginED Collective is a thesis-driven, founder-focused Venture Studio for seeding and scaling education technology ventures poised to create global educational impact, starting with the MENA region.

The studio is driven by three principles: first, that education technology (edtech) built by entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding of local conditions and context is best positioned to radically improve outcomes for learners in the MENA region; second, that the GCC member states’ push to build entrepreneurial ecosystems will be accelerated by a focused effort to nurture local entrepreneurial talent and networks focused specifically on edtech; and third, that success in addressing the first two principles will reduce the burden on ailing public systems by creating exciting and innovative ventures, in turn, making a dent in the youth unemployment crisis in the MENA region, the highest in the world at 27%.


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