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Our Value to Founders

Unparalelled Market Insight

  • Laser focus on regional Edtech 

  • International expertise coupled with local knowledge

  • Strong impact-driven thesis

  • Access to Harvard, Stanford, 500 Startups, OnDeck and others

  • MENA, US, and UK presence 

  • Strong awareness of the regional challenges


  • Industry leading mentors & experts through StartEd 

  • Fast-track to AWS EdStart

  • Research-backed peak performance coaching for founders’ wellbeing

  • Fast-track membership of global education networks (e.g. HundrED, Edinno, Project FoundEd, Impact Hub)

Fundraising & Customer Acceleration

  • Strategic positioning & access via global education summit (RewirEd)

  • Networks of 40+ Global Education, Program Partners and VCs

  • C-level customers via global networks (YPO/EO/AVPN/IDG)

  • MENA Edtech Testbed for POC

Premium Advisor

  • Partners have 100+ years launching and operating startups.

  • Optimized venture studios, incubators, accelerators support services 

  • Experienced in Venture studio operations and advisory at Entangled Ventures

Let's Build Together

San Franciso | New York | Dubai

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